Daya Gowda: Weight Loss/Gain, Toning, Rehab

5:00pm - 9:00pm

English, Hindi & Kannada

My role is to assess the requirements and capabilities of individuals using fitness assessment procedures and advise individuals on the correct method and use of exercise machines and devices including weights. This helps in developing individual exercise programs based on age and fitness levels. I tend to provide instructions in a variety of fitness activities including non-gym related activities which allows the customers to retain their interest in fitness and fitness related other activities. This motivates the clients to work to their maximum and safely for the entire workout. I assure that all exercises are done with proper form and technique so that optimum results are achieved.

Personal training

With in 10 kms Radius from BTM Layout, Bangalore

Weight loss, toning, weight gain, sports and strength conditioning, rehab


6 years